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Dear Students and Parents,


Playing a stringed instrument can be lots of fun.  Playing in the school orchestra is just the beginning in the wonderful world of strings. Your student has demonstrated an interest in playing a stringed instrument or has grown in his or her talents.  This commitment by your student requires an instrument that meets his or her needs regardless of instruction level.


If your student is a beginner, you may be puzzled as to how to select a proper instrument.  If your student is more advanced, he or she may be ready to move to a more sophisticated instrument.  In either situation, he or she will need help in selecting the proper instrument.


Size is very important in choosing a violin, viola or cello.  A teacher, orchestra director or stringed instrument dealer can provide the help necessary to properly fit your student. 


Fine Violins offers a variety of instruments, in varied sizes and price ranges.  A rental program is available for students who are not sure of their commitment and would like to try the instrument before making a purchase.  As proprietor of Fine Violins Ltd., I will help you and your student find the right stringed instrument and the proper payment schedule, depending on your needs.


Before making your final instrument purchasing decision, talk with your student’s teacher or director and the helpful musicians at Fine Violins.  They want to ensure your student’s musical success and enjoyment.


--Charles Magby

About Rentals with Fine Violins​

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing your own stringed instrument.  However, you may want to consider renting an instrument until you’ve had time to consider your personal musical needs and the many instruments available.


Fine Violins offers quality instruments and accessories for all string musicians.  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we will provide you with a variety of instruments, bows, cases, strings, rosin and other items necessary to create all styles of music. The instruments selected for this program are created from the finest quality woods assuring the proper tone, comfort and pleasure to the customer.


The Fine Violins’ rental program begins with an initial three-month rental fee for a violin or viola with case and bow.  An initial three-month rental program is also available for a cello, case, bow.  Sales tax will be added to the rental fees and instrument insurance is optional but encouraged.  After the initial rental period and initial fees are paid, a fee per month payment schedule will be implemented. Billing statements in 3 month increments will be mailed to the renter before the end of the initial three-month period and will be due on the renewal date


During the length of the rental program, Fine Violins retains ownership of the instruments.  The renter has an option of either returning the instrument after the initial rental period or renewing the rental agreement on a tri monthly basis.


Lost or stolen instruments will be the sole responsibility of the renter.  Any payments to date may be applied to the cost of replacement.


We offer an option to purchase the rented instrument as well.  100% of the 1st year rental payments and 20% of the 2nd and 3rd year rental payments, excluding insurance and tax, may be applied to the purchase price of the instrument. Case and bow are not included.


Contact Fine Violins at (203) 453-2011 with questions and to request a sample copy of the Renter’s Agreement.  Or, schedule a visit Charles Magby at the Fine Violins shop at 948 Moose Hill Road, Guilford, Connecticut.

About Charles Magby and Fine Violins Ltd.


Charles Magby and Fine Violins Ltd. are synonymous with dedication to excellence and service in the music community.  Fine Violins opened in 1976 and offers stringed instruments, repair, restoration, appraisals and support for the wide range of musicians it serves.


In fact, Mr. Magby himself has been a musician since the age of 10, beginning on the cello.  His professional career started in 1969 with the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra where he became principal cellist in 1973.  He also received special recognition from the Taos School of Music in New Mexico.


Few stringed instrument makers or dealers have the depth of musical training and performance experience in combination with bench training that Mr. Magby brings to his customers.  His training as a violinmaker began under the direction of master maker David Caron and continued for many years. 


In his four decades in business, Mr. Magby has provided instrument and musical services to the finest players and orchestras in the world, yet retains his commitment to serving the needs of the local community.


Pricing and Terms

All instrument rentals will be for an initial period of three months.


Violin or Viola

Includes bow, case and set-up


Initial 3 month rental ($35 per month) = $105 plus optional insurance and sales tax.

Following initial period, fee per month = $35 plus optional insurance and sales tax.


Euro Standard Oil Varnished Cello

Includes bow, case and set-up

Initial 3 month rental ($75 per month) = $225 plus optional insurance and sales tax.

Following initial period, fee per month = $75 plus optional insurance and sales tax.

Option to Purchase

Renter may purchase the instrument and rental payments will be applied to purchase price, according to the formula outlined above.


Contact Charles Magby at Fine Violins Ltd. for additional rental and purchase details.

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